Use of Antihypertensive Medications and Uterotonics During Delivery Hospitalizations in Women With Asthma

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OBJECTIVE:To estimate whether the diagnosis of asthma is associated with the use of specific uterotonic and antihypertensive medications during delivery hospitalizations.METHODS:We used Perspective, an administrative database, to determine whether women hospitalized for delivery complicated by postpartum hemorrhage or preeclampsia received uterotonics and antihypertensive medications differentially based on the absence or presence of asthma from 2006 to 2015. Given that carboprost and intravenous (IV) labetalol may be associated with asthma exacerbation, adjusted models for receipt of these medications were created with adjusted risk ratios with 95% CIs as measures of effect. Risk for status asthmaticus based on receipt of carboprost and IV labetalol was analyzed.RESULTS:Over the study period, a total of 5,691,178 women were analyzed, of whom 239,915 (4.2%) had preeclampsia and 139,841 postpartum hemorrhage (2.5%). Carboprost was used less frequently in patients with asthma compared with patients with no asthma (11.4% vs 18.0%) in comparison with IV labetalol, which was used more commonly when a diagnosis of asthma was present (18.5% vs 16.7%). In unadjusted analysis, the presence of asthma was associated with a 37% decrease in likelihood of carboprost use and an 11% increase in likelihood of labetalol use. In adjusted analysis, the presence of asthma was associated with a 32% decrease in likelihood of carboprost use (adjusted risk ratio 0.68, 95% CI 0.62–0.74) compared with a 7% decrease in labetalol use (adjusted risk ratio 0.93, 95% CI 0.90–0.97). Risk for status asthmaticus was significantly increased with use of IV labetalol compared with other antihypertensive medications (6.5 vs 1.7/1,000 delivery hospitalizations, P<.01).CONCLUSION:There may be an opportunity to reduce use of β-blockers and carboprost among patients with asthma. Given their association with status asthmaticus, these drugs should be used cautiously in women with asthma.

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