Impact of Operating Room Etiquette Video on Medical Student Comfort in the Gynecologic OR

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PURPOSE:To assess if enhanced orientation to the gynecologic operating room (OR) by brief video intervention affects medical students' comfort and self-rated performance in the OR.BACKGROUND:A large percentage of third year medical education is spent in the OR, an environment that many students have never previously experienced. We identified a deficit in OR orientation in the clerkship, and made a brief video reviewing scrubbing technique, gowning/gloving, patient positioning, and skin preparation.METHODS:Third and fourth year medical students participating in the OBGYN clerkship at Magee-Womens Hospital were recruited during orientation. Participants completed a pre-test survey, self-assessments of daily OR performance and a posttest survey after their final exam. All students watched the video once during orientation and were provided online access to the video.RESULTS:We recruited 71 OBGYN clerkship students. Most students accessed the video one or zero times during the rotation. Students were divided into those with no prior surgical rotation experience and those with prior experience. Medical students demonstrated self-reported improvement in using personal protective equipment (PPE), gowning/gloving, full surgical scrub, and donning PPE with and without assistance (P<.0001). Students without previous experience demonstrated greater improvement than those with experience in using PPE (P=.0003), gowning/gloving, full surgical scrub, and donning with assistance (P<.0001).DISCUSSION:The majority of students reported improved comfort in the gynecologic OR by having access to the video. This video can be implemented as part of the clerkship curriculum, made available to surgical naïve students, and broadened for use in other surgical clerkships.

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