Resident Self Perception of Milestone Level as Compared to the Clinical Competency Committee

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PURPOSE:To assess resident perception of Milestone level as compared to the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC).BACKGROUND:The Milestone Project was a joint initiative of ACGME, ABOG and ACOG and implemented in July of 2014. The Milestones serve as a descriptive blueprint to guide curriculum development and assessment practices. They allow programs to more accurately evaluate the outcomes of residency education and allow programs to track resident development over time.METHODS:The 24 residents of the Saint Louis University Ob/Gyn program were asked to rate themselves on each of the 28 Milestones based on their perception of where they felt they were in their training. This was done independent of the CCC. The CCC met for its semi-annual meeting and completed the Milestone report for each resident in standard fashion. The CCC was not aware that the residents were also rating themselves on each Milestone. Resident and CCC ratings were compared, with differences defined as a discrepancy ≥1 point.RESULTS:Overall, there was a close approximation of what the CCC and residents determined to be their Milestone level. Milestone agreement varied slightly by post graduate year, with the greatest agreement observed in PGY-4 (90%) and the least agreement in PGY-3 (79%). When analyzed by Milestone group, the greatest agreement was observed in Interpersonal Communication and Medical Knowledge (90% and 89%, respectively).DISCUSSION:Resident self-perception of Milestone level is comparable to the CCC in our program. There tends to be slightly more variation among the PGY-2 and 3 levels across all Milestones.

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