Development of a Comprehensive Clerkship Assessment Tool

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Local Mentor:Michael Plevyak, MDAPGO Advisor:Lee A. Learman, MD, PhDPROBLEM:The medical school curriculum, core competencies, learning objectives, and assessment tool should align with the 14 Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) required for medical licensure in 2020.METHODS:A new “EPA Assessment Tool” was developed to address the 9 EPAs to be achieved during the third-year clerkship. Tool development was guided by a literature search to identify publications and existing evaluation tools pertinent to EPAs, competencies, medical education curriculum, osteopathic curriculum, APGO medical student objectives, ACGME milestones, NBME requirements, and institutional clerkship objectives. The EPA Assessment Tool includes 20 qualitative items representing six competency domains with responses that are classified using a rubric to one of four levels (from unsatisfactory to high honors). Reliability and validity will be assessed by comparing the EPA Assessment Tool scores with traditional evaluation scores from the same evaluators, a global assessment question, and Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Achievement Test scores for the first three clerkship rotations. Feasibility will be assessed by evaluator ratings and evaluation completeness. IRB approval/exemption was obtained for the participating sites.CONTEXT:The tool was pilot-tested at Berkshire Medical Center for eight students in all disciplines, and at Eastern CT Health Network for two Ob/Gyn students.OUTCOME/LESSONS LEARNED:Preliminary data suggest no difference between forms. Evaluators express concern regarding decreased ease of use. Continued use of the tool and knowledge of the milestones will increase evaluator's familiarity and comfort. The pilot study will continue for the remainder of the 2017-18 academic year to gain further data for reliability and validity analysis.

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