Developing a Tool to Evaluate Resident Clinical Outcomes

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Local Mentor:Erika Banks, MDAPGO Advisor:Nancy Hueppchen, MDOBJECTIVE:To evaluate a tool used to provide residents feedback on their own patient outcomes.METHODS:46 Residents were asked to complete a pre- and post-survey related to performing a Maintenance of Certification type activity related to surgical site infection rates. They were asked to read three articles related to perioperative practices aimed at reducing surgical site infections and then review a ten-patient chart check to evaluate their current practices and outcomes. The pre- and post-survey covered questions related to general knowledge regarding standard of care, estimates of personal surgical site infection rates, and attitudes related to completing the activity. Residents were also surveyed regarding their knowledge of the ACGME milestone and ACGME survey question regarding personal patient outcomes.RESULTS:46 residents were asked to participate in the survey. All residents were asked to complete readings and chart check. 44 residents completed the pre-survey, 41 completed the chart checks, and 37 the post-survey. 86% of residents reported that the activity changed their perception of their own patient outcomes and 65% reported that it changed their estimate of their surgical site infection rate. 62% reported that the time required to complete the activity felt appropriate and 75% reported that this was a useful way to monitor their own outcomes.CONCLUSION:A self-guided activity consisting of review articles and a chart check can be a useful tool to fulfill ACGME requirements for resident outcome monitoring.

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