Integrating Student Reproductive Health Educators into a Hospital-Based OB/Gyn Resident Clinic—Stakeholder Views on Trainee Impact

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Local Mentor:Tod Aeby, MD, MEdAPGO Advisor:Jody Steinauer, MD, MASOBJECTIVE:To evaluate stakeholder views on the impact of integrating a student reproductive health educator (RHE) program into an OB/Gyn resident clinic on resident and medical student education.METHODS:Thirty-seven semi-structured interviews were conducted over three time points. Stakeholders included resident and attending physicians, clinic staff, departmental educational leaders, and RHEs (undergraduate and graduate students). Interviews were double-coded and discrepancies resolved through consensus. The code list and sampling were revised at each time point and key themes were identified through an iterative process.RESULTS:Residents should demonstrate competence in providing the patient education supported by RHEs before delegating such responsibilities. RHE support may be most valuable to senior residents, allowing them to focus on other patient issues and relieving clinic time pressure. RHEs should be fully integrated into the residency program curriculum by participating in mock counseling sessions and serving as patient education mentors early in residency. RHE-type programs provide residents with skills in team-based healthcare. Medical students are not adequately equipped to provide patient education in reproductive health and serve primarily in a shadowing role in the clinic. The RHE program should be fully integrated into student education; students can observe RHE education sessions and provide education with RHE support. Adequate patient volume ensures that an RHE program will not detract from student education.CONCLUSION:Student reproductive health educator programs are viewed by stakeholders as potentially valuable to both resident and medical student education and should be fully integrated into the curriculum of participating training programs.

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