Making CLER Clear: A Novel Approach to CLER Education

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Local Mentor:Julie Z. DeCesare, MDAPGO Advisor:Kimberly Kenton, MDPROBLEM:The Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program is a component of NAS for which all ACGME accredited institutions must undergo. At our institution, understanding of the CLER program and the importance of interdisciplinary teams varies because not all clinical service lines have a residency-training program. Multidisciplinary collaboration is important across all clinical service lines in order achieve safe and high-quality patient care. We set out to create a hospital wide initiative to promote an institutional understanding of CLER.INTERVENTION:This project aims to develop an online CLER curriculum for our leadership council. Six online modules will be created to address each CLER focus area and corresponding pathways. Once the modules are created, a subset of the institutional leadership council will complete the modules along with knowledge assessment before and after each module. This cohort will be queried regarding their perception of module effectiveness and utility. This feedback will be used to improve the module design.CONTEXT:Once the final modules are designed, all members of the leadership council will complete the online modules and knowledge assessment before and after each module. Subsequent data analysis will render individual improvement and effectiveness of this model of CLER education. If proven an effective educational tool, this resource will be shared with institutions to promote institutional awareness of a CLER culture.OUTCOMES/LESSONS LEARNED:Modules are still being created at present.

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