Development and Initial Content Validation of a Simulation Model for Laparoscopic Colpotomy

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Local Mentor:Maya Hammoud, MD, MBAAPGO Advisor:Nancy Hueppchen, MDPROBLEM:No validated simulation model exists for teaching colpotomy for laparoscopic hysterectomy outside the operating room.INTERVENTION:A simulation model for laparoscopic colpotomy was developed, with revisions made after review by expert gynecologic surgeons. For initial content validation, cognitive task analysis was performed. Four expert surgeons who perform total laparoscopic hysterectomy were queried regarding the detailed tasks required to perform laparoscopic colpotomy. The tasks identified were distributed to other experienced gynecologic surgeons, who were asked to rate the relevance of each task in measuring simulated performance of laparoscopic colpotomy and provide any additional steps which may have been omitted. They were provided with the options proposed to assess resident ability when performing laparoscopic colpotomy (not done, done incorrectly, or done correctly), and asked if they believe these options adequately reflect the full range of resident ability for this skill. Responses were used to generate a final cognitive demands table to be used for subsequent portions of the validation process and for future trainee performance analysis.CONTEXT:Clinical simulation center with input from medical education faculty and obstetrics and gynecology faculty.OUTCOMES/LESSONS LEARNED:Review and feedback by experts prompted important revisions in the laparoscopic colpotomy model to improve its functionality. Cognitive task analysis allowed for inclusion of critical steps of laparoscopic colpotomy in the model; however, the model remains limited to components that can be performed in a simulation center. Further validation is planned by soliciting trainee and expert evaluation of the model after performing simulated laparoscopic colpotomy using the model.

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