Implementation of myTIPreport Application Improves Resident Perception of Feedback on Surgical Skills

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Faculty Advisor:John Fischer, MDPURPOSE:To improve how faculty provide resident feedback with addition of an evaluation tool of gynecologic surgical skills performance.BACKGROUND:Surgical education and evaluation of residents needs to adapt as our learners evolve. A needs assessment revealed resident consensus showing a perception of lack of consistent feedback when it comes to faculty evaluating gynecologic surgical performance. myTIPreport application is a validated tool for surgical skills feedback in resident education.METHODS:Surveys were given to residents and faculty before and after use of myTIPreport application for surgical feedback in gynecologic procedures. Post-implementation surveys were given to assess the value of the myTIPreport application.RESULTS:Surveys of 24 residents in our program revealed a perception of inconsistent surgical feedback of gynecologic cases by faculty. myTIPreport application was introduced as a new evaluation tool of resident performance during gynecologic surgeries. Surveys given 1 year after implementation reveal most residents believe addition of the application has improved faculty feedback. Faculty want to continue use of the application. Residents and faculty think time constraints are the main obstacle to completing more evaluations.DISCUSSION:The majority of residents state the myTIPreport application is easy to use. Residents report that the myTIPreport application has improved how faculty give feedback for evaluating surgical skills. Although faculty think it is a useful evaluation tool, there has been difficulty with consistent use. There is some ambiguity about whose responsibility it is to initiate the process of feedback and use of the myTIPreport application.

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