Carcinoma of the Corpus Uteri: A 10-Year Review of 225 Patients

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Two hundred twenty-five patients with endometrial carcinoma are reviewed representing 28.7% of gynecologic malignancies and 1% of gynecologic admission; 77% had Stage I disease and 55% were over 60 years old; 14.5% were premenopausal, and abnormal or postmenopausal bleeding prompted medical consultation in 78%. Cytologic smears were positive in only 25% of the patients. Estrogen therapy was not related to the development of the tumor and six patients had had previous oophorectomy; 7.5% had received previous pelvic irradiation. Primary malignancies of other organs were noted in 8%. Treatment was surgical with or without radiation therapy. The overall corrected 5-year survival was 69%. Isolated vaginal recurrences were rare. Survival was not related to suturing the cervix, parity, type of chief complaint, duration of symptoms or age at menopause. Survival was affected by age at diagnosis, stage of disease, depth of myometrial invasion and cellular differentiation of the tumor.

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