Divided Vertical Banded Gastroplasty Either for Correction or as a First-Choice Operation

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Staple-line disruption may occur after vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG).


Since May 1996, the authors have performed the gastric restrictive procedure divided VBG, as described by MacLean, as a first-choice operation and not only as correction for staple-line breakdown. Divided VBG was done in 111 patients, 32 as correction after staple-line disruption and 79 as a first choice, 29 of them by hand-assisted laparoscopy with the dexterity pneumosleeve.


Weight loss and nutritional status have been very satisfactory. Operating time for the standardized operation has been no longer than 60 minutes. Conclusion: Divided VBG, especially if done by hand-assisted laparoscopy using the dexterity pneumosleeve, is a valid restrictive procedure.

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