Impact of a Caregiver-Friendly Workplace Policies Intervention: A Prospective Economic Evaluation

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Objective:We estimate the potential cost–benefit of a caregiver-friendly workplace policies (CFWPs) educational intervention to facilitate uptake of supports for carer-employees (CEs) at a post-secondary institution.Methods:We identified CEs through a voluntary survey and estimated the economic burden of caregiving activities from the CEs’ and employer's perspective. The latter is used as the baseline of comparison for evaluating the cost–benefit of the intervention.Results:The economic cost of caregiving-related activities for the “no intervention” scenario was estimated at $33,841,789 ($32,922 per-case) and $8,916,342 ($8,674 per-case) from the CEs’ and employer's perspectives, respectively. We find the educational intervention is a cost-beneficial program with the net benefit ranging from $48,010 to $676,657, based on six scenarios of effectiveness.Conclusion:This study provides practical information for human resources and operations management decision-making in terms of a CFWPs educational intervention.

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