1640 Hyperbaric medicine (dealing with employees who work under physical pressure)

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Aim of special sessionUsing 3 related employment scenarios to explore the increasing challenges to employees working under pressure and their medical attendants.Presenters: M. Gonevski1, W. Robertson2, A. Heili31Midlands Diving Chamber, Rugby, UK2Independent Occupational Physician, Yorkshire, England3Hyperbaric Tunnelling and Medical Services- Romford, UKDescription of contentThe scope of the working community who toil under increased physical pressure will be collectively addressed in this interactive workshop. New equipment, techniques and operating protocol will be debated to focus the delegates on scientific evidence and recent accident data.The individual topics are inter-related and cover the breadth of the working practices of tunnelling, diving and hyperbaric chamber activities. The speakers will cover tunnelling technology, medical criteria for chamber staff and the threatening use of bizarre and dangerous diving breathing systems.Following a brief historical analysis the individual presenters with provide updating material to set the scene and aid participation in constructive dialogue.

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