0038 An epidemiological cross-sectional comparative study of morbidity profile in an automobile manufacturing unit

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IntroductionOccupational aetiology as a determinant of morbidity risk factor is often correlated but difficult to signify.AimTo study the socioeconomic, demographic and occupational profile of 2 groups- workers + junior management vs senior management, to identify and assess the morbidity factors influencing them, to make comparison of the factors between the two groups and deduce inference and to suggest recommendations for controlling them.MethodA cross-sectional simple random sampling study was done over a period of 12 months in 2013–14. The sample sizes were 923 and 229 respectively. Study inclusion criteria- All permanent workers working more than 2 years. Group 1- Upto Manager grade and group 2- senior manager and above. Study process- Informed consent, structured interview, clinical check-up with documentation and data analysis.ResultsAverage age was 40.05±9.54 years and 46.9±6.22 years respectively, literacy more than secondary level 30%–100%, experience 15.3±3.1 and 6.7±2.4 years, work was hazardous and sedentary in group 1 while sedentary and supervisory in group 2, addiction 21%±5% and 9%±2.74%, obesity 49%±9.4% and 65%±6.29%, hypertension 20%±5.5% and 23%±10.25%, diabetes mellitus 4%±2.2% and 8%±4.5%, high stress levels 5%±2.3% and 24%±7.9%, dyslipidaemia 4%±2.4% and 22%±6.97%, sedentary lifestyle 6%±2.3% and 21%±5.3%, musculoskeletal disorders 55%±9.8% and 10%±5.3%, allergic/inflammatory manifestations 14%±5.1% and 4%±2.7%, eye complaints 32%±9.4% and 29%±3.6%, respiratory symptoms 21%±6% and 4%±2.5% respectively.ConclusionsMorbidities related to allergic, inflammatory or infective aetiology were more significant in the first group but those related to psychosocial hazards and lifestyle disorders were predominant in 2nd group.

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