0266 Designing of new low cost simulator for training ergonomic laparoscopic skills

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Medical students can learn new knowledge and train technical skills by using simulations. Because the most of simulators are expensive the use of them is limited. The aim of this study is to design new low cost simulator for young veterinarians and surgeons. The simulator corpus has been designed based on the Solid Edge software and printed out with the 3D printer. For monitoring of the results we designed and programmed four exercises using the Arduino software. The monitoring of results is important for students to control the results. Needle suture, camera navigation, hand-hand coordination and tissue cutting are the main exercises for training of student skills. The purpose of simulation training also to increase the pace of skilled movements during simulation sessions, although the duration of every exercise is different. It is important to pay attention to ergonomics too in the designing process. The new simulator has mobile stand for different exercises to train technical skills in different ergonomic postures.

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