P II – 1–2 Urban and transport planning related exposures and mortality: a health impact assessment for bradford, uk

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Background/aimBy 2050, almost 70% of people globally are projected to live in cities. As the environments we inhabit affect our health, urban and transport designs that promote healthy living are needed. We will estimate the number of premature deaths preventable under compliance with international exposure recommendations for physical activity, air pollution, noise, temperature and green spaces in Bradford, UKMethodsWe will apply the Urban and TranspOrt Planning Health Impact Assessment (UTOPHIA) tool to Bradford. Exposure data of physical activity, air pollution, noise, temperature and access to green spaces will be available for Bradford residents≥20 years on the neighbourhood level. We will compare recommended with current exposure levels. We will quantify the associations between exposures and mortality and calculated population attributable fractions to estimate the number of premature deaths preventable. We will also model life-expectancy and economic impacts.ResultsResults of HIAs of urban and transport planning related performance are important for cities to align themselves and have a better understanding of local health hazards and the associated health burden. Results of this HIA will be presented to the Bradford City Council to advise them on which environmental exposures pose the bigger health hazards and need to be targeted and acted-upon urgently with public policies in order to provide sustainable and healthy urban living.ConclusionHIA is a useful tool to assess the intended and unintended health burden of public policies such as urban and transport planning. Its wider routine application in many cities is encouraged.

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