1743 Health of working children: beyond workplace hazards

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Professor and Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut, Beirut, LebanonIntroductionGlobally, hundreds of millions of children younger than 18 years of age are reported to be working in dangerous jobs and worst forms of child labour with exposure to a myriad of hazards. However, in our assessment of the health and wellbeing of these children, we invariably tend to dismiss the factors that have pushed these children in the first place to work, especially in hazardous occupations. This presentation puts child labour in perspective and explores hazards beyond the workplace.MethodsA review of the relevant literature on exposures and health of working children and a reflection on my personal experience and observations of the issue of child labour in Lebanon.ResultsMany papers have been published on the exposure of working children to physical, chemical, biological, safety, and psychological hazards at the workplace. There is a dearth of research in the health domain on the complexity of child labour and its social and political determinants, especially in the context of war and conflicts.DiscussionAre we realistic about our goals and targets in the journey to eliminate or control child labour? Who are our partners on this path? How do we deal with child labour in the context of refugees and conflicts?

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