1082 Factors associated with sharp device injuries in dammam healthcare workers: implications for prevention

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Sharp devices injuries (SDI) expose workers to blood-borne pathogens. Despite implementation of preventive measures to reduce sharp injuries they continue to occur in every step of sharp devices usage, disassembly or disposal.


To examine risk factors of SDI and explore implications for prevention.


Retrospective study of SDI incidence among healthcare workers (HCW) at a hospital.


8.4% of HCW reported an SDI over 26 months. Most occurred in wards (32%). Nurses were most affected category by SDI (52.5%), followed by physicians (24.9%). Disposable syringes are the main cause among nurses (58.9%), while surgical devices are the main cause among physicians (40%). Expatriates with SDI are less likely than Saudis to have had a complete hepatitis B vaccination series.


SDI are common. Because characteristics of SDI differed according to job category and worksite, preventive strategies should be targeted for each category. Adequate hepatitis B vaccination is needed.

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