1093 Occupational health and safety philosophy visíon zero and wellness programs at grupo progreso

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ObjectivesDemonstrate how and why the wellness of each of our employees, is the reason to focus in OH and S at Grupo Progreso, in order to achieve our ‘Zero Incidents’ Vision.MethodsOur strategy regarding OH and S takes us first to achieve and meet the commitment with the board of directors, top management, bosses, supervisors and every operational staff. This means we lead with the example, allowing us to show genuine interest in the health and safety of every employee. The last stage is the application of the consequences scheme, where we encourage employees to repeat desired behaviours and sanctions those who break safety regulations. We count with a lead indicator, called Safety Gradient, that was designed by our team and it is monitored since the last 4 years every week in every team during group meeting all around the organisation. The top management, the CEO and the OH and S corporate manager also go through this tool each week. This indicator takes into account four elements: Safety moments, Safety observations, Corrective actions and Stopped unsafe acts. In addition, each week the OH and S team will perform inspections in different areas that provide the percentage of safe behaviour and safety conditions. Because this is a predictive tool, the incidents that involve injuries that need medical treatment without lost time and property damage will change the percentage of the Safety Gradient. This value allows us to know the safety level under which our organisation is run.Genuine leadership is essential to transform a reactive culture into a preventive one.Annually different capacitation plans are generated for all employees and corresponding competences are developed so they can perform their job in a safety way.Communication and awareness must continually be directed towards employees when sharing relevant discussions of incidents that have occurred to make sure they don’t happen again.The methodology of risks assessment is done in a structured process, where every activity must have a risk analysis before starting it. Every day, every shift work and every critical task.We are respectful towards the fulfilment of every legal requirement that apply to us.ResultsWe went from a frequency index of 14.8 in 2000 to a LTIFR of 2.4 on 2003, where we had an increase is due to the consideration of incidents with contractors, visitors and third parties. Since 2006 we have had a constant decrease that has taken us to a LTIFR of 0.19 and a LTISR of 16 up to 2016 (ANSI 16.1).Progreso has been awarded with several titles including: First guatemalan company acknowledged as one of the top ethical organisations by Ethisphere Institute. Since 2009 until 2017, we were awarded by the Great Place to Work Institute. At 2016 an 2017 the British Safety Council awarded us with recognition for our practices and good results in Occupational Health and Safety.So we have achieved operations with ZERO injuries in different companies at Grupo Progreso.ConclusionEllness of our employees as objective and a strategy of commitment and genuine leadership, communication, competences, acknowledgement of safe acts, rigorous monitoring of predicting indicators and a minimum tolerance towards jobs under risk it is possible to achieve operations with zero incidents.

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