1235 How to manage the impact of megatrends on the world of work? – challenges and prospects

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IntroductionNew trends like globalisation, digitalization, demographic change and social changes characterised by increasing migration and diversity are changing the world of work rapidly. This leads to new demands on employees, with the emergence of new safety and health risks. What are the new risks associated with current and imminent changes in the working environment? And how can occupational safety and health address them?MethodsWork 4.0 will need a Prevention 4.0. DGUV has therefore started research into new forms of work and risks caused by different megatrends on the one hand and monitoring possible future risks for safety and health at work in order to prevent or at least minimise them on the other hand.ResultsThe following examples show the development observed by the expertsNew forms of work and flexibility of workNew technologiesCommunication between humans and communication between humans and robotsNew expectations of leadershipForms of learning and learning locationsSkills and behaviourIn addition, DGUV identified prevention priorities with its Risk Observatory at an early stage. In October 2016, as a result of a consultation with some 400 inspectors of the social accident insurance institutions, ten topics were identified which will be important for the prevention work of the social accident insurance in the next five years. Sector-specific measures to face the risks were also identified. The Risk Observatory will start the next survey in 2017.DiscussionThe presentation wants to show megatrends and their impact on the future world of work and the challenges for safety and health to avoid occupational accidents and injuries in future with focus on the results of the above mentioned research.

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