197 Modern ways of promoting safety messages

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IntroductionIncreasing number of accidents and incidents in organisation each year which included fatalities, serious injuries have had a great impact on the production, efficiency, reputation, progress and financial reports of the company.The problem is the people and the task is to change the culture. Make them realise to work safely at their own, even if not supervised.Now the businesses are adopting a new safety culture by using digital practices to reach their employees via digital displays, desktop communications and handheld devices through which the real time messages could be transferred to the work force to take timely a safe action in the field on dangerous and hazardous material and equipment.This writing provides a summary of efforts for the best modern practices applied for messaging for the company employees. It is applied in an Electricity distribution company.During its operational and maintenance activities where daily risk associated jobs are carried out by the workers, miles away from office desk in the field and it also applies to the office employees too.The paper concludes with some suggestions and adoption of best practices of safety messages promotion for on job accidents’ prevention.MethodVarious meetings were held in this regard on top, middle and at lower management level, many discussions done, surveys conducted, interviews done from the workers and opinions sought from the field and office staff too.Discussion and resultAfter discussions and interviews, meetings, it was decided that along with other tactics, also the services of the software development companies required to be hired to design a system of our ideas for the communication and promotion of safety messages to our staff in real time.

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