675 Picture books for safety – communicating osh knowledge without words

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IntroductionForestry and agriculture and are industries with a relatively high number of serious and lethal accidents in Sweden. They also employ a significant amount of foreign seasonal workers, as it is hard to find enough labour force within Sweden. The latter applies also to horticulture, landscaping and outdoor environmental care, and work in golf courses.During 2015 and 2016, many refugees arrived in Sweden. This arrival of potential workers is seen by the above-mentioned industries, and by the Swedish state, as an opportunity to employ more people in these industries. But to work safely, these people need basic information on occupational health and safety, although they have not learnt Swedish yet.To meet this need, Prevent together with the social partners, has created picture books on OSH aimed at workers in forestry, agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and outdoor environmental care and golf course keeping.MethodsThe books use no text but depict key information and risky situations in the workplace, and show how risks can be mitigated through following existing guidelines and regulations. To decide what situations to show, Prevent worked with experts from the social parties and professionals from the industries. The situations range from specific instructions like how to lead cattle and what PPE should be used, to the importance of taking breaks.The picture books are free of cost, pocket-sized, and they are also available as pdf and e-publications. The pictures can be used to get started communicating on various operations in the workplace, and to reflect on safety issues.ResultThe first book, on forestry, was published in November 2016 and the following four books in spring/summer 2017. The books have created a lot of attention in the media and from other industries who would like their own versions, as well as from training instances.

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