1140 Accelerated ageing prevention and work ability promotion by use of the innovative gerontotechnology «age-friendly workplaces»

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IntroductionIn the conditions of demographic ageing, depopulation and workforce deficiency in Russia, the need of the employment of aged workers will grow every year. Timeliness and complexity of the solution of the employment problems among aged workers determines the expediency of the creation of a system for screening and monitoring work ability, with special age-oriented working conditions and jobs in various professional groups for the most rational employment of aged workers.MethodsWe suggest an innovative methodological model for the preparation of jobs for aged workers, including not only modern hygienic requirements, but also criteria for the adequacy of jobs to the needs of aged workers, as well as integral criteria for the assessment of work ability and adaptability of aged workers to the functional, physiological and psycho-physiological work loads. The proposed model «Age-Friendly Workplaces» includes all stages of professional rehabilitation that allows to take into account individual features of the functioning of the organism of aged workers in strict accordance with their age, profession, availability and duration of work, motivation and work ability level.ResultsA study of residual work ability among aged workers showed that 57.2% of workers «45+» and 96.7% of workers «60+» need to use ergonomic innovations at work to compensate for the age-related decline in their performance. Cluster analysis revealed reliable differences in the mechanisms of formation of residual work ability among workers «45+» and «60+». The correlations between residual work ability among aged workers «60+» and indicators of their professional anamnesis were proved.ConclusionThe development and implementation of the age management system as one of the most fundamental in solving the employment problems of those in pre-retirement and retirement age will allow a more gentle and smooth approach to the issue of extending the working age in Russia.

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