1121 The assessment of occupational risks of accelerated ageing among russian professional drivers

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We know the phenomenon of differential ageing to be the result of unequal environment conditions pressure. It is necessary to assess the difference between calendar and biological age (BA) in order to reveal the effects induced by combined occupational hazards in professional lorry-drivers. We have compared the physical (PWC) and mental work capacity (MWC), BA and ageing rates of lorry-drivers (experimental group) and labourers (control group) in connexion with their chronological age (CA), driving experience, occupational environment, work schedule and social-demographic characteristics.


150 male lorry-drivers (mean age 41.3±0.9) and 150 male labourers (mean age 44.8±0.9) were examined according to the multiply-regressional model of BA evaluation based on the estimation of PWC and MWC parameters. Integrated indices such as BA on MWC, BA on PWC, BA on (MWC+PWC), predicted biological age (PBA) and ageing rate (BA-PBA) were calculated.


Statistically significant differences between MWC, PWC levels and ageing rates in the studied groups were revealed (p<0.001–0.05). BA indices and ageing rates of lorry-drivers were significantly higher in comparison with control group (p<0.001). The results presented showed that in equal conditions of submaximum physical load in both groups a significant premature decrease in adaptation ability of lorry-drivers’ cardiovascular system was observed (p<0.001). Analysis of correlations between length of service and CA of lorry-drivers from one side and MWC, PWC, BA indices and ageing rates from the other showed that most of criteria under study depend on driving experience significantly more than on CA of lorry-drivers (p<0.001–0.05). The 40–49 year-old lorry-drivers with 15–19 years of driving experience were identified as a risk group with the symptoms of premature ageing.


The above studies revealed the occupational environment and long driving experience being the risk factors for the accelerated ageing of lorry-drivers, which can result in health problems, occupational and work-related diseases.

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