686 Development of eating pattern for people with uncontrolled hypertension using family participation approach

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Eating is essential for controlling blood pressure level among hypertensive worker, therefore it is important that eating patterns should suit the context and lifestyle of these persons.


A developmental research design was used to conduct this study. This study aimed to develop eating patterns for hypertensive worker with uncontrolled hypertension using family participation based on the family participation concept from related literature reviewed and to study the feasibility of using the eating pattern in real situations. The population in the study consisted of:


The study instruments were comprised of:


The data were analysed using descriptive statistics and qualitative analysis.


Two main results were found. The data from situation analysis phase documented that the workers still had improper eating behaviour and their main obstacle for improving their eating behaviour is time and their socioeconomic status. Secondly, the new eating pattern were comprised of three main ideas: increasing consumption of vegetables, following a low salt diet criteria, and appropriate eating. And the result of possibility for using new eating pattern showed the new plan was suitable for the lifestyle of worker with the uncontrolled hypertension and their family members at a moderate level (x=2.50, S.D.=0.62) and was feasible (x=2.47, S.D.=0.61). In addition, the worker suggested that it is important to use mass media to provide more information about eating patterns to highlight the future benefits for uncontrolled hypertensive persons. Communities should encourage this group and their family members to use the eating plan and promote this eating pattern in the community and in the future, the eating plan should include recipes for hypertensive that use local vegetables known to lower high blood pressure. These recipes should be easy for to prepare.


In conclusion, although this study could explore the eating situation of the worker with uncontrolled hypertension and can created the new eating plan, but for future study, we should to study more about how to improve the uncontrolled hypertension work eating behaviour following this finding.

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