752 Lamplighter program – india a sustainable model to achieve wellness at the workplace (sharing experiences of a 12 year follow-up study)

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IntroductionIn 2006, Lamplighter Program was globally launched to enhance employee wellbeing, resonating with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. From 2014, the Framingham Risk Frame Model is used to focus on employees’ vulnerable to cardio-vascular ailments.MethodologyHealth Status of employees is measured by calculation of Vitality Index* (VI), comprising 4 parameters (Blood Pressure, BMI, Serum Cholesterol and Glucose).A baseline evaluation in 2006 resulted in 88% participation(n=14,233). Based on values of parameters, VI* Scorecard was prepared for each employee ensuring confidentiality. Employees with score 0–4 were designated Greens, 5–6 Ambers and 7 + as Reds. Since 2007, VI* is calculated during pre – employment and periodic check-ups. Subsequently, reds and ambers are closely followed-up every year (by a prospective study) to ensure reduction in risk factors by combination of lifestyle changes, treatment and specialist consultations. In 2014, Framingham Risk Model was introduced, taking into consideration lipid profile, personal history of smoking, aerobic activity,family history of heart disease, hypertension and cancer.ResultsWhile VI* focussed primarily on health promotion, introduction of Framingham Risk Model helped in specific protection of the high risk group, as our earlier risk assessment model did not assess risk of coronary artery disease, age, gender, smoking history and family history of heart disease. This has helped us in bringing another 9.1% participant employees’ under rigorous monitoring in 2015, and 8.3% in 2016. Baseline evaluation in 2006 revealed 75% employees were green, 17% amber and 8% reds. Follow-up from 2007 to 2016 (78% participation) revealed that number of reds over the years reduced to 6.6%, ambers to 14.9% and greens increased to 78.5%.DiscussionAlong with calculation of VI*, inclusion of Framingham Risk Frame Model is an excellent tool to focus on employees requiring further interventions. The Health Care Model at Hindustan Unilever Limited combines element of caring for an employee while making it sustainable from a business perspective.

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