963 Iwh research alert – staying current with ohs literature

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IntroductionKeeping abreast of the current literature is difficult for any researcher but OHS researchers have particular difficulty because the literature cuts across a variety of fields, such as medicine, public health, psychology, and business. To address this issue, the IWH Library provides a current awareness service called Research Alert. This weekly email provides a listing of recent OHS literature. The alert was originally disseminated to internal researchers but due to popularity is now distributed to external researches and is posted on the Institute’s website. The purpose of this poster is to describe our approach to provide OHS researchers with current, relevant OHS literature as well as highlight and disseminate IWH authored literature. The poster will also describe key elements of the literature retrieved for these alerts.MethodsWe conducted a citation analysis of an internal database containing the references of literature cited in Research Alert from 2011 – 2016. We note sources for identifying this literature, journals that appear most frequently, journal impact factors. Additional analyses will be conducted on the distribution of these alerts.Results4997 references were analysed over the six-year period. The alerts average 70 articles per month. JOEM, OEM, JOR, SJWEH, and JCE were the top cited journals.The main methods of identifying literature were hand-searching of journals (n=3331), followed by journal alerts of new issues (n=712), saved database searches (n=563), and suggestions by internal scientists (n=287).ConclusionIWH’s Research Alert highlights and disseminates recent OHS literature from various sources for IWH researchers. While the literature may be located through a number of different mechanisms, we found some specific OHS journals are most relevant for this field. The methods we use to locate and disseminate the literature may be used by others in their field.

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