1594d Diagneo: a practical tool for smes to implement vision zero

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The company owner or manager must be the driver of the implementation of a culture on prevention in order to develop sustainable work and a sense of well-being at work among their employees. But, most employers in the construction industry are small or medium size employers (SMEs). They have limited resources, including safety and health expertise. They also typically are the highest risk employers. How can we assist them in improving their safety and health performance?

Vision Zero is very practical approach to improving safety, by focusing only on the seven Golden Rules. In France, we have developed an online platform that employers can use to self-assess their safety performance. It is known as DIAGNEO, and is compatible with Vision Zero.

DIAGNEO was developed with minimal resources and has been validated by safety and health experts in collaboration with employers in the construction industry and is currently available to over 2 00 000 construction employers in the Paris region, free of charge. It is easy to use, and does not take a lot of time to complete.

After answers to several questionnaires, a profile of probable safety and health performance appears immediately in the form of graphics, which allows the employer to easily understand its deficiencies and where its priorities on regulatory, organisational and technical actions need to be placed.

The examination of specific risks to the workplace and exposures is a prerequisite for the prevention of occupational risks. DIAGNEO makes it feasible to do so for even very small and resource-poor employers. There is no longer any excuse for employers not to undertake a self-assessment on Safety and Health at Work.

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