998 Process of accreditation of health service in automotive company of brazil

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Private and public companies that have employees governed by the Consolidation of Labour Laws must have Specialised Services in Safety and Occupational Medicine, with the purpose of promoting health and protecting the integrity of the worker. These health professionals are responsible for urgent and emergency care in the work environment where we know the need for technical training of the professionals. The problem is that many find themselves without adequate updating in scientific training, updating in their internal processes, risk management that guarantees a safe assistance to the worker. These are the challenges of this research, identifying which are the main difficulties encountered by health managers of the company to implement an accreditation process in their medical services.


Cross-organisational study developed through the data and indicators obtained with the implementation of an Accreditation and Certification process of the National Accreditation Organisation (ONA) in Brazil, from 2014 to 2017.


The implementation of the Accreditation process in the company’s Medical Service allowed us to identify many process failures in the service routines. Pharmacy, Ambulatory Infection, and Medical Records Committees were establish based on the requirements of the Accreditation and Certification Standards. All employees attended received an adhesive label with his name to be stitch to the clothing. Urgent care protocols were develop, as well as the Manchester Protocol for the prioritisation of care. A worksheet was create to identify all the Adverse Events found and a follow-up list of the pending action plans.


The Certification process is a significant differential for companies that are ready to implement it as it assures the patient‘s life and reduces the chances of medical failures or processes that generate damages to the patient. This company was the first in the country to have a Certification in Internal Medical Service of companies.

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