209 Collection of country-wide and culture-specific hm data to improve effectiveness of health programs

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IntroductionA comprehensive health program initiated in a corporate enabled the setting up/upgrading of health infrastructure, collection and analysis of data and launching of wellness programs in the workplace, to improve the physical and psychosocial health, the lifestyle and work life balance of employees.MethodsAn elaborate Healthy@Siemens Label program was launched in 2015, which involved.Management consent, Health Committees and As Is Analysis of health services. Measures were then planned to upgrade health infrastructure, improve collection and analysis of data and introduce interventional health measures. The following data collection was enabled.Sickness absenteeismHospitalisation dataCounselling dataBody BiometricsAnnual Health CheckupsMorbidity Prevalence.ResultThe data collected demonstrated the physical and psychosocial morbidity in employee population and health profile of employees. Measures such as the interventional Fit4Life program for Obesity, Diabetes, Blood pressure, HealthyLeadership@Siemens program for Managers, monthly Health promotion and awareness programs, vaccination drives for infective diseases, Introduction of a health portal and monthly reminders were the interventions that ensued.DiscussionCollection of comprehensive health data and introduction of interventional need based, sustained, targeted programs in workplaces leads to reduction in morbidity, in sickness absenteeism and improvement in body parameters of employees. There was early referral of employees with psychosocial issues by Managers for counselling. These measures have resulted in an improvement in the wellbeing of employees with resultant improved work lif balance, increase in performance and productivity and increased ownership culture in the organisation.

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