361 Impact of targeted intervention programs with a holistic approach to improve the health risk parameters of indian workers

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IntroductionIncreasing incomes and sedentary lifestyles have led to changes in food habits resulting in increasing trends of obesity and NCD’s among workers. As simple disease awareness programs seemed ineffective in bringing about lifestyle modifications, a holistic approach to health was conceptualised by the Siemens India Health Management Team to improve the health risk parameters of workers and prevent future complications.MethodsTargeted intervention programs over 3 month duration each have been initiated since October 2015. The first FIT4LIFE Program had 50 identified Pre-Diabetic employees who had access to weekly Dietician consultation; Yoga sessions with emphasis on relaxation techniques and short modules for daily practice; and, daily walking 10 000 steps with a mobile Pedometer App. Stress Management sessions by EAP counsellors helped increase psychosocial health awareness and its connexion to lifestyle disorders. Mobile phone application was effectively used to provide motivation and positive reinforcement to the group. Baseline and final assessment data were analysed using paired t-test.ResultsAt the end of the first program, participants categorised under high risk for diabetes were found to have reduced their weight and a 26% reduction of HbA1c levels was achieved. It was demonstrated that 20% participants achieved weight loss between 5 kg to 9.6 kg and 30% participants achieved weight loss between 2 kg to 4.9 kg. During Final Assessment, all except 2 participants demonstrated HbA1c reduction as compared to baseline assessment stage.Paired t-test was applied and P value was found to be statistically significant for 6 of the 8 parameters applied to the first group of 42 who completed the 3 month program.DiscussionThe positive findings and success of the first FIT4LIFE Program has motivated the Siemens India Health Management Team to replicate the Program across its multiple locations covering over 500 workers in the last 18 months, thus creating a sustainable positive health impact

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