1599c Monkeying around with malaria – brunei darussalam’s experience

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With the last local case of malaria reported in 1972, Brunei Darussalam has been declared ‘Malaria-Free’ by the World Health Organisation in 1987. In order to maintain the status attained, Brunei Darussalam has continued its surveillance through the Malaria Vigilance and Vector Control Unit in the Ministry of Health.

From the year 2000 until now, only indigenous cases of zoonotic Simian Malaria have been detected in people who are exposed in the line of duty namely border patrol officers, Armed Forces personnel and Department of Forestry officers.

Sixty four such cases have been reported in the past decade. The incidence has been minimised with the recommended use of prophylaxis for all personnel going on duty into the jungles, application of mosquito/insect repellants, and use of impregnated uniforms by Armed Forces personnel and impregnated bed nets in the camp sites.

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