1684d Developing healthy workplaces in ireland – integrated approach to employee health, safety and wellbeing

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This introduces Eli Lilly’s Live4Life wellbeing programme, which is a holistic integrated approach to employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing. It aims to link the organisation’s safety culture journey with employee wellbeing – making it personal and empowering employees to ‘Do the right thing’ at work and at home. It outlines that in adopting a strategic approach to managing employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing; companies can make a dramatic impact – with relatively small effort and expenditure – by leveraging processes already in place in the organisation. It discusses the ‘Work Positive’ wellbeing survey and the development and spread of the Live4Life programme. It shows how management commitment and employee engagement has a positive effect within the organisation leading to increased education, participation and overall employee wellbeing.

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