1719a Occupational health services in belgium and ohs strategy 2020 in the eu

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In Belgium the support to the internal service in well-being at work and occupational medicine is typically delivered by multidisciplinary external services. Due to the extent of services delivered, the number of services decreased and most of the Belgian working population is served by a small number of large services that have 400–800 own personnel. Half of the personnel is delivering occupational health services, the other half is advising and supporting in occupational safety, psycho-social factors at work, ergonomics and industrial hygiene. Some recent changes in activity and newer tendencies in the field of occupational medicine and well-being at work in general will be discussed.The EU has developed an OHS strategy 2020: Healthy Workplaces for all ages, promoting a sustainable working life. This strategy was translated in The Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2016–2017. The Occupational Medicine Section of UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists) was a partner in this strategy and campaign. The main issues and key objectives of this campaign will be shown. Important themes were prevention throughout working life, the workability concept, a diversity-sensitive risk analysis, workplace adaptation and disability prevention, rehabilitation and return to work. There was also attention to newer issues like cooperation between Human Resources and OSH management and workplace health promotion. Besides of improving the health and well – being of all employees, this shall also improve productivity and cost-effectiveness at organisational level.

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