1719c Occupational health services in romania and in eastern europe

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The Southern Eastern (SE) Europe with its 14 countries currently has approximately 68 million inhabitants, of which more than 18 million are workers. In the last two decades, the countries from SE Europe faced increasing needs to develop and adapt the occupational health policies, systems and services to new conditions. Establishment of democracy and market economy leaded to the new principles of managing Occpational Health Services (OHS), development of new health and safety legislation aligning to the requirement of the EU acquis communautaire and establishment of modern OSH in the region.In Romania, the National Occupational Safety and Health Strategy 2016–2020 is the framework instrument to allow articulation with the EU strategic guidelines on health and safety at work. The basic principle is fair access to health care services, cost-effectiveness, substantiation on evidence, optimisation of health services, focusing on the detection of diseases generated or aggravated by working conditions, as well as preventive services and interventions, partnering with all actors that can contribute to improving health at work.During 2007–2015 period the following guides were launched:Special medical surveillance for workers professionally exposed to ionising radiation,General aspects of industrial toxicology; methods of analysis used in industrial toxicology,Guidance on occupational exposure to asbestos,Terms and concepts of industrial toxicology and work psychology.SWOT analysis indicates STRONG POINTS as 1) legislation on safety and health at work has been imposed in current practice in all sectors of activity, both public and private, 2) the assistance of occupational medicine is granted only to specialists in occupational medicine, and WEAKNESS as 1) the limitation of medical services predominantly to health assessment actions, to the detriment of health prevention, 2) under-reporting of occupational diseaseas and occupational related diseases. This is a major problem of all countries in SE Europe!

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