1658b Occupational diseases in the world and the new ilo list

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A recent study supported by the ILO indicates that 2.78 million deaths occur globally each year which are attributed to work. mortality due to work-related diseases accounts for 2.4 million (86.3%) of the total estimated deaths. Yet many countries face a problem of no and under reporting on diseases caused by work. There is a high need to help the member states of the ILO to improve their national system on identification and recognition of occupational diseases.


Description of the ILO activities on the identification and recognition of occupational diseases.


The ILO new list of occupational diseases revised in 2010 is being widely applied or regarded as a key point of international reference for countries who are updating their own national lists. To help member states in the detection of diseases caused by work, the ILO has organised a working group to develop guidance notes on the diagnosis of occupational diseases. This work is based on the national, regional and international practices on the identification and recognition of occupational diseases. The guidance notes will cover all the diseases included in the 2010 ILO list and be an important instrument for not only the diagnosis of occupational diseases but also their prevention, control as well as recording and reporting. This ILO work will also be harmonised with the WHO’s work on occupational diseases in its ICD-11.The Guidance Notes will represent a major international effort in promoting the recording, reporting, prevention and control of occupational diseases.

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