1571 Development of a program for patients with functional restrictions in a brazilian cosmetic industry

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IntroductionThe group of people with functional restrictions in industries needs special care and is a management challenge for any manager in occupational medicine. Being them just restricted for a limited period of time or restricted for a long period like rehabilitated for other functions by the social security institute, Readmitted (returned from medical leave longer than 15 days for diseases related to work) or Judicially reintegrated; A Brazilian cosmetic industry decided to improve the way they handle with this group of people. Trying to find the compatible areas for each of the necessary restrictions and evaluating the medical follow-up that was being performedMethodsErgonomic evaluation with job mapping by visiting workplaces with the ergonomist and the occupational physician. Definition of the list of most common restrictions and the development of a follow-up model for these patients. First the physician evaluated the patient and understood the current restrictions. Second determined the compatible area after visiting and understanding the function. And then created a Job mapping based on the Medical recommendations/restrictions. The Patients needed to be evaluated in 15, 30 or 45 days based on the occupational physician evaluation.ResultThe program provided 467 medical attendance; 61 employees were accompanied by the occupational physicians; 35 employees were diagnosed with Osteomuscular disease; 17 (27,8%) recovered from illness during a year;DiscussionThis pilot program proved to be effective in monitoring and helping workers with restriction.

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