445 A practical novel model for office ergonomics awareness amongst global corporate office employees’. sharing experience from 11 countries

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IntroductionWith increase in use of laptops, globally there is a need to spread awareness on office ergonomics. The challenge lies in educating maximum employees in shortest time thereby reducing musculoskeletal ailments and promoting safer working by exploring effective communication methods.MethodolgyA cross-sectional study encompassing Unilever Global Corporate Office Employees’ is being undertaken [2013–2017] in India, Dubai(U.A.E), Nairobi (Africa), Durban (South Africa) and South East Asian countries [Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka] n=Total 2646.Employees were grouped into two, to study following interventions;Lecture training including a forty–minute power point presentation & demonstration on a mock office workstation educating employees on maintaining ideal work postures, back & eye protection, taking rest breaks, performing desk stretches & arranging workstations ergonomically to their body dimensions’. n=1546.Short demonstrations (ten minutes) on each office floor on a live workstation educating employees on same parameters’. n=1100.ResultsForty minute Lecture training enhances awareness in >92% employees’. However, few employees attend this training, due to hectic work schedules.Short ten minute live demonstrations undertaken in above countries appears to be an excellent tool enhancing awareness in >90% employees. When both above interventions were tested for statistical significance, 40 min lecture was superior only in Indonesia (p<0.05).DiscussionAs few employees attend 40 min lecture training (though superior) on office ergonomics, the ten minute live demonstration is a promising practical novel intervention as it is comprehensive, undertaken at the workstation, enhancing awareness in maximum employees in a short-time, instilling a feeling of caring and bonding which is vital for a successful and robust office ergonomics control program. A reminder card with tips on chair adjustments, ergonomic arrangement of workstations and a link on desk stretches serves as handy desk-reminder emphasising safer work postures.

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