1711b Inrs and international cooperation

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The INRS, national institute of research and security, established in 1947, has the task of preventing workplace accidents and occupational diseases in France.

It gathers 600 permanent workers, with 80 million euros as an annual budget.

Its operating modes are:

At an international level, the INRS participates in ISSA works, mainly with the research and chemistry committee, the ILO and the WHO. It plays a part in CIST/ICOH works. It also elaborates cooperation projects with organisations such as the NIOSH (USA), IRSST (Quebec), IFA (Germany), KOSHA (South Korea), and IST (Switzerland).

The INRS is a part of the PEROSH network that includes major research organisations in the field of occupational health in Europe.

The INRS is also a part of the EUROSHNET network, which is a network of European normalizers.

About the francophone cooperation, the INRS established many cooperation projects like with the ISST (Tunisia), faculty of medicine of Casablanca, Mediterranean and Tunisian society of occupational medicine.

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