1711f Role of the african occupational health diaspora in the initiation, sustainability and ethics of knowledge transfers in this discipline between francophone europe and africa

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Human mobility has always been accompanied by knowledge transfer processes. In the case of the occupational health African diaspora that studied in Europe, its contribution to the transfer, translation and effectiveness of knowledge from the North to the South is indisputable. To illustrate this transfer that is benefic for the two sides, we will mention our own experience in the context of a strong collaboration between us that is working in French Governmental Health Agency and Moroccan team belonging to University of Medicine in Casablanca. Every year, since 2011, in the context of the Moroccan scientific event in the field of Occupational Health: Jaouad El Jay University, we have shared and learnt from each other. We noted the current advances in occupational health, the reality in developing country, the difficulties to draw a framework or strategy for all workers and we shared a mutual view that health protection to prevent any occupational disease or injury is part of human and labour rights.We participated to meetings aiming at promoting regional (at African level) and network-based cooperation for achieving good occupational health practices. The discussion and dialogue that were established helped sometimes to respond to local needs. We mainly learnt that to achieve the important goal to develop a genuine culture of risk prevention, to anticipate risks and bring them under control, we need to take advantage of new scientific information to develop innovative guidelines, new approaches and procedures, training courses, and so on that can be applied and adapted to the African context.

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