1323 A risk assesment in hospitals with occupational risk analysis method based on job definition

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In recent years hospitals are the most frequently referred organisations to have a healthcare service while the presentation of healthcare services are been marketable. In Turkey inpatient treatment organisations, in terms of occupational health and safety likewise construction and mining, is been included to highly hazardous class. In fact health sector is one of the sectors that occupational accident and diseases are most seen. According to studies the 5% of the expected occupational accidents and 0,01% of the diseases are been recorded in Turkey. In this case, because of the data deficiency the risk analysis seems to be not applicable scientifically and objectively. However, the risk assessments that are done due to legal obligations are subjective because of mentioned deficiencies.In this study, a new risk assessment method, occupational risk analysis based on job definition; is aiming to list all the risks of workers according to their works, the chemicals and equipment they use their work environment and the assessment of positions during the working period under the view of ergonomics.The study is a theoretical assessment under regulations and literature review. Hazard, risk and risk assessment is been examined and job definition based risk analysis is compared to common methods.As a result risk ranking that has nonscientific bases can cause risks that could not taken or lately taken precautions due to the subjective decisions. That is why; job definition based occupational risk analysis can avoid the data deficiency disadvantages in hospitals.

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