1643c Occupational health southern africa: a journal for the region and beyond

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IntroductionOccupational Health Southern Africa is the only occupational health journal in southern Africa. It is published bi-monthly and its purpose is to keep occupational health practitioners(doctors, nurses, hygienists and others) informed about current local research, views of experts, and developments in occupational health (including occupational medicine and occupational hygiene), and to provide a publishing platform for both novice and experienced researchers in the region.MethodsThe issues of the Journal from 2012 to 2017 were perused (n=36). The countries of origin of the first and contributing authors were reviewed, and the experience of the first authors was classified as ‘student’ or ‘established’ researcher. Papers that had been rejected in the 6 year period were also analysed, using the same metrics.ResultsThe majority of papers published were by authors from South Africa; less than 5% were by authors outside of that country. Less than 1% of published papers were by authors outside of Africa. The proportions of papers published by novice and established authors were similar. Most of the rejected papers were by novice authors or by those outside South Africa.DiscussionPapers published in Occupational Health Southern Africa by authors from southern African countries other than South Africa are greatly underrepresented. There is a need to more widely publicise the Journal and encourage young researchers from the region to submit papers. This local journal is the ideal platform for students and novice researchers to disseminate their research results.

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