1181 Validation of thai-nordic safety climate questionnaire and safety climate in thai employees

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IntroductionTo prevent workers’ injury and illness during their working life, the occupational health and safety management system is worldwide implemented in manufacturing. The safety climate can be identified the currently situation of occupational health and safety management system in organisation. The Nordic safety climate questionnaire (NOSACQ-50) is a tool that can be measure the safety climate in both low and high risk level manufacturing. Therefore, this questionnaire will be used in this study.ObjectiveTo validate the NOSACQ-Thai questionnaire using exploratory analysis and to assess the situation of safety climate condition in ThailandMaterial and methodAfter forward and backward translation of the NOSACQ-Thai questionnaire were performed, 3 expertise in occupational health and safety were examined the content validity and revised questionnaire to easy language for worker. There were 1141 of workers and hospital personnel, from 6 manufacturing and one university hospital, voluntary participated to test the questionnaire in this study.ResultsThe NOSACQ-Thai questionnaire included 5 dimensions with 42 items and 45% of variance. The Cronbach’s alpha values of the safety climate dimension of ‘management’s engagement and empowerment’, ‘management safety priority and justice’, ‘employees’ engagement to safety’, ‘ employees’ risk acceptance’, and ‘ safety activity and efficacy’ were 0.86, 0.76, 0.89, 0.70, and 0.74, respectively. The highest safety climate score was the dimension of ‘employees’ engagement to safety’ (3.30±0.40) while the lowest score was the dimension of ‘employees’ risk acceptance’ (2.80±0.50). The safety climate score were significantly difference between leaders’ and workers’ group and also among all enterprises.ConclusionThe NOSACQ-Thai show a well validated and predictable the safety climate in all enterprises.

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