481 Canteen hygiene index in indianoil

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IntroductionOrganisations provides and maintains canteens at their offices and installations. Employees eat food in these canteens while they are in office. For maintaining good health, it is essential to have a well-balanced nutritious diet from these canteens.Materials and methodsHealth and Hygiene audit of 115 canteens of IndianOil establishments was carried out to assess the health and hygiene of canteens/kitchens in our organisation. Based on the audit observations and recommendations, a common checklist for good kitchen practices and Kitchen Audit Checklist for calculating hygiene index was firmed up and circulated across the Corporation. It was advised that the Hygiene Index of all Canteens/Kitchens of IOCL establishments must be maintained as per the checklist provided and must be reviewed and updated quarterly by the Canteen Committee of respective location. The Hygiene Index must be prominently displayed at all locations as per sample provided. It was also advised that the checklist points for good kitchen practices must be implemented at all locations for improving the overall cleanliness and hygiene of our canteens and kitchens. Quarterly Review Report with updated Hygiene Index need to be sent to Corporate HSE for review. The action plan for liquidation of the recommendation is be prepared by respective location.ResultThis Project made employees calorie conscious and benefitted all of them who consume from the produce of these facility and helped the supervisors to maintain high standards of hygiene at their respective workplaces.DiscussionIt is important to check the kitchen practices like cooking, food handling from hygiene and nutrition point of view. Hence in the interest of the employee’s health there should be a periodic nutritional audit, hygiene audit of these canteen and kitchens along with the training for cooks/service boys at the kitchen and pantry.

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