748 Health check-up results among migrant workers at bangkok metropolitan administration hospitals

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IntroductionThailand is a country with many unskilled labourers from three neighbouring countries namely Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. The difference in quality of the health service systems inThailand and these three countries could expose Thailand to contagious diseases. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the results of health check-ups of migrant workers and to evaluate the prevalence of infectious diseases and positive urine screenings for methamphetamine.MethodsThis was a cross-sectional study conducted on migrant workers who needed health check-ups from 1 st January 2014 to 31 st December 2016. Data was collected from hospital computer databases and standard physical check-ups were controlled by the physicians from the three tertiary hospitals of BMA. They included chest radiography, blood tests for Syphilis, Microfilariasis, Malaria and other diseases, urine tests for methamphetamine, pregnancy tests and other tests as requested.ResultsA total of 2 69 286 migrant workers were enrolled in this study, 3162 were pregnant (1.17%) and 5470 were classified as abnormal (2.03%), 3083 of whom were male (1.14%) and 2387 of whom were female (0.89%). In terms of nationality, 0.69% were Cambodian, 0.78% were Burmese and 0.56% were Lao.The highest prevalence of cases were suspected pulmonary TB (1.23%), Cardiac screening abnormalities (0.75%) and other (0.06%) respectively. The prevalence of suspected pulmonary TB were 0.52%, 0.50%, and 0.2% in Cambodian, Burmese, and Lao respectively. The prevalence of positive urine test for methamphetamine was 0.03%.DiscussionThe results of this study demonstrate that health problems in workers may be the cause of the spread of TB in Thailand. Reducing the current barriers by providing more complete registration coverage, better provision of healthcare information and active surveillance for TB among migrant workers may lead to better TB control.

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