760 Towards an expert consensus on the development of occupational safety and health in kenya

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There is an existing knowledge gap in occupational health and safety practice in Kenya. The scarcity of comprehensive research on health and safety and emerging trends in the field evidences this gap. Lack of awareness of health and safety issues has posed a major challenge in the management of health and safety at work. As a result, some organisations have adopted a culture that does not necessarily prioritise occupational health and safety. The purpose of this research is to explore workplace health and safety practitioners’ views on future priorities regarding the development of occupational health and safety in Kenya. Specifically, the research objectives are to: identify priorities for improving occupational safety and health, identify strategies to prevent or minimise the hazard exposure, and identify initiatives that will support and create awareness of occupational safety and health in Kenya.


This study adopted a qualitative design. Twelve participants were recruited for this study. These individuals were identified as occupational safety and health experts on the basis of a listing on the register of national occupational safety and health advisers produced by the Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Services (DOSHS) in Kenya. An interview schedule designed to be delivered online was constructed in order to explore health and safety practitioners’ views on current occupational health and safety challenges and future priorities in Kenya. Data were analysed using thematic analysis.


The thematic analysis of the interviews resulted in the identification of four main themes;


There are challenges facing workplace health and safety in Kenya that need to be addressed. Identification of key priorities in addressing the challenges may contribute to improving the management and practice of health and safety in the workplace.

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