894 The analysis of health assistance for prevention of mental and physical disorders of the employees dispatched to medically insufficient countries

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IntroductionDoing EPC business at developing countries often confronts the health gap, so we understand it with an urgent problem that how the occupational health staffs should support the health of the employees working overseas. Fortunately we could analyse our experiences and draw methodology for this problem solution. We herein report our ideas.MethodsHealth education, medical checkup including mental health examination, establishing medical overseas conveyance route with the help of assistance service are the basic techniques, besides that, we conduct medical patrol as an internal occupational health team in order to acquire the latest medical information through local medical institution and embassy doctor visit. We deliver unique health information leaflets including the mental health precaution digitally every month.ResultJoint medical patrol with the outside medical assistance company was useful for knowing and decreasing the hygiene, health gap. Through the original communication news which is delivering periodically as healthcare information to all employees outside, we are grading up the mental self-care power of workers. And assigning occupational health doctor periodically to the sites has got us the excellent reputation for original health assistance.DiscussionAs much as work location is developing countries, the health gap leads to uneasiness. So the determination of urgent overseas medical conveyance route is indispensable to EPC business in risk management. The combination patrol investigation tied-up with the medical assistance company is important component of effective solutions for decreasing the uneasiness. To improve medical gap, besides local patrol visit by the occupational health staffs, newly-devised original health information of ours which delivered through digital communication technology is a unique technique to improve each person’s self-care (resilience) power. Our original designed health care system so far obtained good evaluation and definitely leads to the precaution of employees’ mental and physical disorders.

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