1484 Occupational health developments in kenya’s health sector

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IntroductionThe advancement is healthcare is a product of international and local policies, guidelines and recommendations. Occupational Health is a key aspect in sustainable development by ensuring safe work environment and a motivated healthy workforce. Focus has been directed more on factory set up and less on health sector. Recent developments internationally and locally strive at provision of occupational health services to workers in all sectors. This paper review aimed at finding out the developments in occupational health in the health sector in Kenya.MethodThe study utilised secondary data. These were obtained from local, national and international organisations. International information obtained from science publication, ILO, WHO, ICOH and other organisations advocating for best practices. National policies, policy guidelines and other grey literature and government publications from Ministries Labour and Ministry of Health were utilised.ResultsThe interventions to protect the health of healthcare workers include legislations, guidelines and training on occupational safety and health; Infection prevention and control; healthcare waste management; Vaccinations and post exposure prophlaxis. Kenya has progressed from her first legislation on occupational health that focused only on factories to current target of all workplaces. Healthcare workers’ safety and health took centre stage with the publication of occupational safety and health risk assessment report in February 2013. It was a product of nationwide survey on state owned health facilities that revealed several health hazards faced by healthcare workers.DiscussionThere are notable advancements in occupational Health in health sector in Kenya. This has been guided mainly by recommendations, resolutions and conventions of WHO and ILO. The transition from Factories Ordinance of 1950, to current Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007 and Work Injury Benefits Act of 2007 has contributed to better enforcements in the health sector. Slow progress may be attributed to funding and human resource limitations

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