723 Occupational health hazards, health problems encountered and personal protective equipment used in healthcare workers in hospitals, thailand

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IntroductionHealthcare workers usually expose to chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic hazards in their everyday life. The objectives of this cross-sectional study are to evaluate chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic hazards and health problems of healthcare workers in hospitals, accidents, contact with chemicals and body fluids and personal protective equipment used among healthcare workers in Thailand.MethodsThe self-administered and interviewed questionnaires were distributed or collected from healthcare workers proportion to size of five hospital staffs in five regions of Thailand.ResultsHealthcare workers have been working very hard for 9 to 11 hours/day on average, including overtime work ranging 13–18 hours/day. More than half of the inpatient, surgery and anaesthesia, nutrition service department did shift work. Healthcare workers at nutrition service department reported highest musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory symptoms and hearing loss than other departments. In surgery and anaesthesia department, they reported highest skin problem due to highest chemical exposure and biological hazards; they exposed to radiation, vibration from equipment and tools, glare and inadequate lighting leading to eye irritation, eye pain and blur vision and reported highest non- specific symptoms. The regular compliance with safety rule and protocol of healthcare workers were not so high, inpatient (65.8%), out-patient (65.9%), surgery and anaesthesia (77.6%), nutrition service (78.4%) and hospital supporting service (66.9%). The regular correct working posture of them was not high either (51% or lower). Regarding hazard control and personal protective equipment provided in workplace, inpatient department reported highest, followed by surgery and anaesthesia, out-patient, nutrition service and hospital supporting service.ConclusionThe healthcare workers were exposed to many occupational health hazards, high risk of accidents, working very hard; they need more attention to reduce or control the occupational health hazards in the workplace.

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