177 Advancing occupational and environmental health nursing continuing education resources through technology

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This presentation will demonstrate, highlight, and review AAOHN’s global reach through technology and social media that provides 24 hour access to occupational and environmental health nursing standards of practice and continuing education resources.


A retrospective literature and organisational review was conducted to determine Global Health 2035 initiatives that occupational and environmental health nurses (OHNs) can use to demonstrate an impact through existing and projected future resources.


AAOHN, the premier association of OHNs, ensures continuing education resources not only for practice, but also for professional board certification. To accomplish this, there is one annual national conference along with a global summit offered every 3 years with the 5th gobal summit scheduled for 2020. Since 2016, a virtual conference option has been provided with on-line live-streaming. Online educational live/archived webinars and standards of practice are available free with membership or for a nominal fee. Through NIOSH grants and in conjunction with organisation expert collaboration, free respiratory protection program modules (3rd and 4th modules expected Fall 2017) are accessible at http://www.aaohn.org. AAOHN’s journal, Workplace Health and Safety, provides research, case studies, and continuing education modules for purchase. Additionally, collaboration with other organisations advances OHN practice and has expanded current grant opportunities for further educational resources both in Hepatitis C and Infection Prevention and Control. Utilising these AAOHN resources, along with opportunities to share and publish current research, OHNs are prepared to offer and provide preventive services under new/changing health care systems to meet or exceed Global Health 2035 initiatives.


AAOHN’s innovative continuing education technology resources continue to provide OHNs with up-to-date tools for:

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